Monday, March 28, 2016

Week 4 Model Creation Final Scene

 Week 4 Final Scene, we made 3 new models I made a guitar, vase, and a sword.
I really liked how my guitar came out just wished I had a little more time, busy work week for me.

Week 3

 For Week 3 we made 3 new models, this time for the assignment we had to work with Zbrush.
 For me at first Zbrush was really hard. I decided to use the wacom tablet just because it would easier with adding texture.
I made a book, comb, and a shield. I think my best work was the shield and comb really hard to work with the book for some reason.

Week 2 Still Life

 Week 2 we worked on 3 new models, still life models smaller models and also lay out the UV's.

 In this picture you see a warriors helmet was still getting use to using the holding edges, but I like how it came out.
 In this picture I did a pot, took me long to be able to do the holding edges had trouble with the UV's.
 I think for week 3 this was my favorite model really looks crisp and clean, also the layout for the clock was pretty good.

Week 1 Large Props

Week 1 we worked on large props. This is the first time I work with using different parts and adding holding edges. It's was really nice to learn something different but didn't know how time it takes to make one model.